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Best Flexible Rate

Take advantage of our best and least restrictive publicly available rate. Changes to your reservation are usually acceptable, but always check the hotel's cancellation policy before booking for cancellation fees that may apply depending upon arrival date and hotel selected. 

  • Breakfast included
    No deposit required
  • FREE Cancellation until 4:00 PM local hotel time on the Day before your stay



Best Flexible Rate



Dublin Airport Advance Saver Rate

Advance Saver Rate  

Great value on this fully prepaid rate. Advance purchase is required. A full prepaid non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. 

  • Must book 5 days in advance
  • Deposit Required
  • Breakfast included
  • Non Refundable










Airport Hotel Bedrooms

The Holiday Inn Express Dublin Airport Hotel boasts 114 rooms, including Queen Size beds. It is suitable for family accommodation & we also offer guests Day Let Rooms.

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Dublin Airport Hotel

Holiday Inn Express is located within Northwood Park, Santry, 2km from Dublin Airport & 15 mins from Dublin City Centre.

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Free Breakfast on your stay

At the Holiday Inn Express - one of the most stylish budget hotels in Dublin - we offer FREE breakfast for all our guests.

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